Today, we will talk about all the worried mom’s out there who keep running behind their kids to teach them some smart learnings in their growing age. Likewise other countries India is also turning to be a smart country with new learning methods. We came across this smart TV Channel by Mohit Anand, “Da Vinci Learning”.

Da Vinci learning

India’s first kid’s HD education channel, Da Vinci Learning, is actively taking steps to change the way kid’s entertainment is addressed today. It is working towards encouraging a more active and engaged way of TV viewing by its audience so that kids get inspired to be more and learn soft skills that otherwise are not addressed by TV content.

To spread its message, sensitization of parents is critical as parents are a catalyst to a kid’s TV viewing. Taking steps to address this, Da Vinci Learning today, organized a fun filled content sapling with select influencers and children. This was an energetic group that was out to have great food at Wendy’s, Cyber Hub and have some fun while being entertained by Da Vinci Learning. There were puzzles solved and great TV sampled.

Some of the popular shows for the channel are ‘Down to Earth’, ‘Maths is all around us’, ‘World Ahoy’, ‘InfoToy’ etc. which cover wide range of topics like science, history, calculations, technology making facts, learning and complex concepts in a creative and interactive format.

Da Vinci learning

Speaking at this fun and learning filled afternoon, Mr. Mohit Anand, Managing Director, Da Vinci Media India Pvt Ltd says, “I see a huge demand if you look at TV content targeted at children and the family unit – this is where we come in. Da Vinci Learning offers non-violent, soft skills and knowledge based programming that enables us to cater to the market in a much more customized format. We can only prove this when more and more parents and their children sample our product and this exercise is one such initiative that will help us in achieving the audience base that we desire.”

Da Vinci Learning’s programming covers a wide array of topics, ranging from physics and chemistry to history and nature, and makes complex subjects understandable in an entertaining way. Da Vinci Learning turns TV watching from passive observation into a meaningful experience, helping children develop various skills early on, encouraging older viewers to keep asking questions and inviting families to take their learning journeys together. With its non-violent programs, Da Vinci Learning creates a safe environment for younger viewers.