Uttrakhand & Himachal are the hot-spots for Delhi zone for weekend & summer vacations. Tourists are always in search of the unexplored places. Since, we all know about Shimla & Nainital commercialization that there is no more solitude left now.

If you are planning a trip in South India,  explore the beauty of Munnar.

Last year I visited Nainital with my friends & by-passers suggested us to explore some new destinations instead of Nainital since there was no parking place available in the city. We got list of places to explore including Bhimtaal, Ranikhet & Naukuchiatal. We pinned our destination to Naukuchiatal which was nearest among all other places.   Check out My Big Bang Trip to Himachal.

Boating in Naukuchitaal, Nainital

Nuakuchitaal is the hill station with lake of nine corners. It is said that Hindu Lord Bhrahmaji created this place with hard worship & there is small temple devoted to Bhrahmaji outside of KMVN guesthouse. Journey to Nainital is very eye-soothing since we get to see fresh water rivers & tiny waterfalls flowing from roadside hills. You will keep finding fresh lemon-soda stalls & Maggie booths throughout the journey.

Naukuchiatal Uttrakhand

As far as we reached the village, Naukuchiatal filled our mind with peace, majestic nature & scenic beauty. Naukuchiatal is not much commercialized yet & this is the reason you won’t find crowd here. Naukuchiatal is one of the best Delhi weekend getaways.

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We were just exploring a good hotel to stay in the middle of mountains & found our perfect place at “The Holiday Cottage” which is not very famous among tourists.

The contact for Holiday Cottage-

Holiday Cottages, Naukuchiatal, Uttarakhand, India
Ph: +91 09034 200500, 074285 35082

I am a big time fan of the king of Ghazals Late Mr Jagjit Singh & he has a beautiful apartment in the same cottage where he used to spend some nice time away from the city.

Holiday Cottage in Naukuchiatal
Well! This place was like a home-stay since we got to eat local home made food amidst chirping of birds. It was the only cottage in the entire village in it’s area with decent hospitality.

Pictures just do not do justice to the beauty of the place.

I can’t stop talking about that place since there is no luxury of materialistic life but you will feel some most lavish moments of your life sitting in the middle of wide sky surrounded by mountains & no city noise.

Apart from enjoying your solitude, you can indulge in some adventurous activities held in Naukuchiatal paragliding camps. One can experience the rich culture of Flora & fauna in Naukuchiatal with different breeds of wildlife.
Paragliding in Naukuchital, uttrakhand

Naukuchiataal is known for it’s Escape music festival which happens in May season of the year.

Naukichiaal is 320 kms from Delhi with around 7 hours of drive. If anyone suffers with motion sickness they can take a flight of one hour from new Delhi airport to Pantnagar Airport & hire a taxi from there. Nearest railways station is Kathgodam.

Since Naukuchiatal is located in Uttrakhand, the temperature lie between 11 C-26 C in summers & -2C-14 C in winters.


You do not need to pack much if you really going for relaxing. Grab a pair of jeans, comfortable shoes, T-shirts & a warmer since it become cold in the evening.

*Carry your utility kit along 

Other activities:

Paragliding in Naukuchiatal
Kayaking in Naukuchiatal
Bird-watching in Naukuchiatal
Boating in Naukuchiatal
Horse-riding in Naukuchiatal
Bonfire in Naukuchiatal
Music On Demand
Paragliding in Naukuchital, uttrakhand

Places to go near Naukuchiatal:

Mukteshawar- 20 km from Naukuchital
Ranikhet- 73 kms from Naukuchiatal
Bhimtaal- 5 Kms from Naukuchiataal
Almora- 72 Kms fro Naukuchital


  1. Thanks for sharing. Recently I asked my friends on Facebook to advise any nearby places to visit as I already visited most of the famous destinations, but didn’t find anything. But I will surely give a shot to Naukuchital.