Weekend is here already and you must be having your amazing so hot plans for night outs, boozing and whatsoever. I and some of my fellow readers must be little lazy to go out but spend their days sitting on their window couch watching some light stuff on web series.

Well! what if i suggest some of the quick web series collection from my recent time killings. Alright, these web series are not rocket science basically but can make you aware for some rules of life and modern culture. You can also watch Hd Bollywood movies on youtube.

I am a kind of person who just cant wait for the next day to finish the entire series so yeah I always complete the stream in one go.

Here, we are presenting five web series you can not afford to miss if you love watching stories in your free times. get set with you munching bucket and fizz drinks in hand.

  1. Men’s World:

You are taking it wrong bro. Men’s world is not in the favor of men but illustrates the torture of a man who wished to become a woman and god grants his wish. So, eventually these five episodes he gets to suffer all what a woman go through in her day to day life from personal to professional surroundings. And yes, do not forget to watch it with your dad, bro and husband if possible.




2. Married woman Diary:

Married Woman’s Diary is a very light comedy series of a couple where this lady Shweta Chobey is a stand-up comedian in a comedy club where she keeps sharing her married life and it’s circumstances in everyday life in a comic way. Shweta’s husband Rishi is such cute-heart who keep wishing to have a baby in the entire series. You have to watch Married woman’s diary to know their journey towards getting a baby.














3. Sex Chat with Pappu and Papa:

Oops! did I just say sex? Well, you must watch this series if you are parents of growing kids or going to have kids soon. This web series breaks all the taboos society pour on us about natural things like periods and other adult stuff. Its a comedy with some good good social messages in it where a father tries to explain each adult term to his 5 year old boy in a very basic way.


4. Bang Baja Baraat:

Ufff! you will relate to my expression after watching this big bang in the web series. Bang Baja Baraat season-1 is a very popular web series. You must watch if you have not watched yet. especially for all the unmarried couples who are planning their love marriages soon. The story revolves around the love marriage preparation of a cupid couple Pawan and Shahana who come from two extremely different backgrounds. You have watch this series to know real trauma they face throughout the wedding.


5. Dev DD:

Ouch! the bad woman, spoiled girl or any other name of society given to those girls who live their life on their own rules. Oh Devika, you are a killer. Devika is breaking all the barrier that her family and Indian society have put on her life. She is a bad ass and you cant stop watching without saying whohhh!! this is thing to watch.