To day I am going to share my personal experience I went through during laser hair removal treatment. It’s not easy to be a woman & to care for our beauty. Keep following some regular beauty regime.

I was literally annoyed with my unwanted hair growth in m chin area of face. Most of girls are facing such hormonal issues which results in thick black hair growth. I don’t need to express the anxiety comes with these beauty threatening facial monsters. Market is full of beauty gadgets.

I used different home remedies & methods to get rid of my facial hair. I learned threading them out myself, I tried katori wax which turned my skin darkened, I tried hair bleach which never worked on thick hair & I was always at this stress peak whenever I had to go out with hair growth which could be pointed out by everyone around.

I made up my mind to get laser hair removal treatment & started my research for the same. Like all of you, I was a bit scared by any type of risk or uncertainty comes with such treatments.

I asked to many of my friends for the right clinic to get my treatment done from. I went to one of the very well established and referenced dermatologist Dr Rohit & Neha Batra. My appointment was fixed with Dr Neha who is apparently wife of Dr Rohit Batra, MD(skin). Earlier we just sat & discussed a lot of women disease issues from which I could sense her knowledge & expertise about her work. I was now confident to get my first laser hair removal session from Dermaworld, Rajouri Garden, Delhi in guidance of Dr Neha Batra. Dr Neha told me whole biological system of hair follicle & soprano-ice machine which work on diode hair removal method.

I never enjoyed any medical session ever in my life which included all beauty treatments taken Bollywood celebrities. Well, that would be coming in my next article or may be soon I might conduct a face to face interview with Dr Neha Batra for all sort of medical treatments & its flaws.

Finally, we started our laser session. I was laid down on a high bed & my eyes were covered(i was still shivering). She applied some ice cubes & gel to sooth my sensitive skin area that laser does not feel hot. She asked me to raise my hand  if I feel hot during the session. I did raise my hands once or twice & she rotated the laser beam for 2-3 minutes in the marked area of chin & upper-lip. I could share more videos & photos but unfortunately all my media crushed during my phone damage.

She asked me to get 6-7 session to reduce the hair follicle growth & also gave me a gel to apply if any itching occurs. It was very soothing & painless treatment session for me at Dermaworld with sopranoIce machine.

My hair growth in that treated area shed off within a week. Now, half of my hair growth was vanished. I needed my another session since it was more than a month I took my first session & I had some hair growth which needed to be treated again.

This time I did a massive mistake by going to any random clinic in Faridabad to Dr Shruti Kohli just after taking her details from google since it was near in my reach. I thought it would be similar at all places but, it was leading me to something I regret today.

I called her up for the appointment & cost of chin to upper-lip area. She was almost rude on the phone too & asked me to visit her for further consultation. I was in the area so I picked up her place to get my second hair removal session done.

I went to her place where she had her clinic in her house. I entered & there was no-one to attend or inform anything. I rang bell many times & kept calling her to come down since I was waiting. She came down with a cup of coffee in her hand & with such weird unwelcoming attitude. I asked my query & she started checking me out standing at her door of the clinic itself. Dr Shruti Kohli offered me the price higher than Dr Neha Batra for the same facial area.

I said I am giving lesser price at another clinic for this same area on which she started saying all negative things about all hair removal laser centers. She said she is working in Sarvodaya Hospital as a dermatologist & I took it as a guarantee of good treatment.

She was just talking about money throughout & nothing about which technology she is using. All she said there are no side effects after my treatment when I asked about what technology does she use.

Well, we settled on the a price good for both of us. She asked me to come & sit on a high chair for session. I said you don’t have any bed or some better sittings, she said it would just take 5 minutes & asked if I am carrying my own razor. I was like I am sitting on a roadside barber shop. She started searching for a new razor when I denied to have one.

I wanted to make a video while she was doing my session & she showed such lack of surety saying, “No No I don’t want any promotions, do it later“. While marking the area she started counting every single hair & demanded me to increase money as if I was asking for wider area of hair growth.

Finally, she started my session & in first beam it was hell painful that shook my body with shivers. I asked her to stop since I was scared to get permanent burn on my skin. She reduced the heat after I insisted her. She gave me 5-6 strokes & said, done.

And yes, She took full amount in her paytm before she started the session since  she was sure I wont agree to pay her a single penny after getting that painful useless laser session.

She took my signature on her receipt & gave me some unacceptable theories of beauty & her laser sessions. I came back home after that painful session.

I was expecting there will some hair shed off like my previous session but I was wrong from the beginning to chose Dr Shruti Kohli. It did not even work on my single hair follicle. I was literally stressed about my upper-lip area got darkened after that session.

I called Dr Neha Batra for the incident & got to know about IPL laser machines about how it works. IPL is an outdated laser technology which was not explained by Dr Shruti to me & I was left nothing in my hand after spending my money. I am still scared if my upper lip burns will go off with time.

After this incident,I read all about IPL & soprano Ice laser hair removal methods where I found out Dr Shruti Kohli is fooling people to make money to fulfill her old machine’s costing.

I would request you all to research completely before getting into such treatments or anything else. A;ways leave your honest reviews on social media since it really helps for people like us to find the right information of any product & service.

Also, with my personal experience I can refer everyone to Dr Neha Batra from Dermaworld, Rajouri garden, Delhi. And, please beware of Dr Shruti Kohli to keep your self away from any harmful treatment & disguise.