Unlike Apple, Android is not a single proprietary system. It is found on different hardware and adopted by various manufacturers who build smart phone with different takes. Smartphones are getting vulnerable to cyber-attacks on an increasing pace. Given the fact that they are being used today for a varied range of purposes, it has become extremely crucial to increase the security layer of your smartphone. One should learn to keep their smartphones safe from malware and here are some tips they can incorporate:

Lock your smartphone

The first step towards building a security layer around your smartphone is to create a password on it. Imagine the chaos that will enter your life if your phone gets lost or stolen. Imagine how easy it would be to open your phone with a single swipe and get access to all the data stored in it. To create a password on your smartphone, all you have to do is visit the security settings in your handset. Many advanced phones today even come with a fingerprint sensor to up the security layer of your phone. You can check out such brilliant phones online itself. Don’t forget to avail eBay coupons present on CashKaro to buy them at discounted prices with the bonus of Cashback.

Download apps only from trusted sources

With plethora of apps available on the net, it can get tempting for you to download each and every one you find useful or interesting. But don’t do that. Make it a point to download apps only from reliable sources. Along with that, also check the reviews and ratings before downloading it on your phone. It is better that you stick with the most popular apps.

Install anti-virus

This one is also a no-brainer but the surprising thing is that how so many people still don’t have it installed in their phone. There are so many internet based tasks done using a phone such as shopping, downloading apps, accessing mails and many more. By installing an anti-virus, you reduce your chances of falling prey to malware or other suspicious links. Beware of fake anti-virus software that come loaded with infectious links. Make use of Amazon India coupons and purchase an original anti-virus on-line.

Don’t connect to an insecure Bluetooth connection

To avoid hackers from hacking into your phone, always ensure that you do not connect to any random Bluetooth connection. Set your Bluetooth to a “non-discoverable” range when you are not using it so that attackers cannot reach you within this short range.

Back up your data

If a catastrophe strikes, you should be prepared for it. And having a back-up of your data is a sure shot way of saving your crucial information. Backing up your data from your mobile is really easy and is hardly a time-consuming process. It’s always recommended to keep backing your data on a regular basis so as to avoid the repercussions at a later stage when some disaster happens. You can save your entire data on cloud.

Always log out

After you have shopped from a certain site, always make sure to log out from it. Also, never ever store your username or password on any shopping site. If you are using an insecure Wi-Fi connection (public connection), never make a transaction.

Don’t fall for scams

A scamming technique which has been doing rounds since a long time is some random text messages or e-mails asking for confidential information. These kinds of texts/mails are often disguises as bank letters. Do not become a victim of such scams. If there’s a need, you can always contact the concerned organization directly and confirm for the same.