Venus(Shukra) is the son of MRIGU and USHAN. He is the teacher of Asur’s(Devils). Venus holds the power of luxury, wealth, happiness and procreation in life. A positive Venus will give you good life with not much struggle. It will give you beauty and wealth. It will settle you in life between 22-24 years of age with a good life partner. A person with good Venus will be Artistic, creative, wealthy and a well thinker.

A faulty Venus will give problems with money, affection by life partner and a disturbed married life . A sound Venus will give you fame in media and fashion with all needed amenities of life. Venus is friendly to Mercury(Budh) and Saturn(Shani). In men’s kundly Venus is controller for his love and wife.

Remedies For Good Venus: You may find results in two months doing these remedies.

1. Wear a silver ring in your thumb.

2. Wear 8-10 “Sarpokha Sticks” in white thread around your neck during SUn rise on Friday.

3. Avoid eating sweets in night, If possible drink milk with a small piece of lemon before sleeping.

4. Continue Muttering “Gayatri Mantra”

Venus is the lord of Rasi Vrishbha(Tauras) and Libra(Tula). It positioned high in Meen Rasi(Pisces) and lowest in Virgo(Kanya). Sun and Moon are anti-planets of Venus.

Colour- White

Stone(Gem)- Diamond

Season- Spring

Element- Water

Food- Rice, Curd, White Butter(Makhan)

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