All the luxury lover in India are suffering the most common issue & that is they have bundles of money but always lacking resources reach to their favourite luxury brands easily. One of my corporate friends is placed in a very high position in XYZ company & her all time complain is not getting time to go shopping for her favourite brands. I have heard this from most of the people who face real problem staying in a city where there is not their favourite brand available.

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1. Availability:

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Trust is the major issue we don’t buy expensive products online. Luxehues provides guaranteed refund & replacement in case of not customer satisfaction.

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While shopping from, you save unto 30% because of less commercial in between the buyer & seller. There are direct discounts available on some specific products. In addition, usage of bank cards from select partners allows additional savings.

Some of the Major brands available at luxehues are Aigner, Cerruti, Kenzo, Jean Paul Gaultier, Nina Ricci, Catamini, Misaki, Valerie Valentine, El Unique, Gitanjali-Lumineux Uno, Kinaree, Norma Ishak and Gucci.

In their recent event, luxehues launched leather bags from Hidesign, Lumineux-Uno, Philip Stein & Divine Solitaires & Amethyst by Rahul Popli.

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