Face fat, wrinkles & smiling lines are real problems of real world. Men and women in very young age are facing this facial flaw since it makes them look more aged.

I am one of the victims since I have got this facial feature from my parents. You can’t help much if you adapt such bodily expressions in your genes. But, there is always a cure & treatment apart from medical surgeries to resolve these flaws. Check out smart beauty gadgets for younger looking skin.

I have got a round face & you won’t believe How I did recover my narrow facial expression.  First of all you can’t get a shaped face if your overall body shape is heavy. For that you have to work on your weigh-loss program. Check out How to lose weight without dieting.

Please follow these simple rules before we start following your regular exercising  schedule.

  1. Skin Moisturizing: Keep your skin hydrated by drinking at-least 8-10 glass of water. Read other benefits of drinking hot water.
  2. Think Positive: Staying happy directly roots to the healthy & wrinkle-free skin. Surround yourself with happy people & indulge yourself in good mood activities. Read how to live a happy life.
  3. Healthy Food: Eating healthy will not only give you balanced body shape but also provide strong health benefits. Read how to get glowing skin after 25.

Now, we are going to start our facial exercise sessions. There are other painless treatments for beautiful skin.  Involve these five steps in your daily routine to get the best & quick results even if you are slim.

Step 1: Breath in & breath out.

Step 2: keep the breath filled in your mouth for five seconds like shown in the video.

Step 3: Now shift the forced air towards the right side of the mouth & keep it for five seconds again.

Step 4: Now shift the same position towards left side of the mouth & keep for five seconds.

Step 5: Push all the force in the middle of the mouth making the monkey face like shown in the video & keep for five seconds.

Step 6: Repeat the same for the lower middle of the mouth.

Step 7: Breath out the air smoothly out of your mouth .


Repeat these 7 steps in clockwise direction to get the Toned face shape.  These facial movements will diminish your smiling lines & reduce the face fat to give you desired face shape.

These facial movement will not only give a better shape of face & reduce wrinkles but also give a nice blood circulation to glow your skin internally.

How to Reduce smiling lines a nd face fatMy picture with this post is before 3 years and latest. Once you get habitual to this exercise you won’t have to put extra efforts.