There’s nothing better than the perfect pair of jeans. The right style can work with a t-shirt as a sparkly top and heels, and they’re must-haves when packing for vacation. The only tricky part is finding the perfect pair. It’s hard to find ones that fit just right, and the process to get there can be frustrating and utterly humiliating. Before you go spend your hard-earned cash, there are a few things you should keep in mind. To make things a little easier on your closet we’ve put together a list of the most crucial decisions you’ll need to make when shopping for a new denim.

These Are 5 Things To Consider When Investing In New Jeans:

#1. Focus On Fit:

It’s essential that your fit is on point. It really doesn’t matter how much you spend to buy jeans. Try to have an idea of the fit before you head out to shop, and keep in mind that sizing will vary depending on the brand and style. If one feels discomfort with how high or low the jeans hit your waist, look for clues pertaining to the rise. A pair that’s marked “mid-rise,” which is typically at least eight inches, provides more coverage because it hits higher on the waist.

#2. Experiment With Different Styles:

Having a few of your favorite pairs of jeans on standby is a necessity, but it won’t hurt to step outside your comfort zone, either. When shopping for a new pair, try out something you’re not used to. Experiment with different styles and don’t be afraid. If think you can’t work a skinny or a high- waist, you may be surprised that it suits you!

#3. It’s Not Just About The Front: 

Don’t forget to look at your backside, it’s just as important as the way the jeans look from the front. You should keep in mind that there’s no discomfort. The denim doesn’t stretch out too much and ensures that you won’t be revealing too much.

Jeans, Right fit Jeans, Jeans fitting, Tips to buy jeans#4. The Stretch Factor:

Stretch jeans can do wonders for the curvy figure. If you prefer jeans with a bit of stretch, there’s an easy trick that will help spot good quality denim.

#5. Keep Your Budget In Mind:

Jeans can vary greatly in price and more often than not, the cost is an indicator of quality. First, know your needs if you are planning to wear for years to come, or it just a pair that you plan on wearing out a few times. Then tossing to the back of your closet?

Jeans, Right tips to buy jeans, tips to buy jeans, tips to buy right jeansSo, what are you waiting for Girls? Go and buy your perfect pair of Jeans!