Lips are one of the sensitive organ of human body. Lips add the most beautiful facial feature of one’s looks. Now with current pollution status in the world, lips are also getting affected in our everyday sunlight exposure & air pollution. we will be discussing lip care below in the easiest & natural way.

Everyone wants soft, beautiful and healthy lips. Smoking makes your lips darker & unhealthy. There are lots of people complaining about mouth sores & chipped lips in my followers list also.

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There are celebrities & fashion personalities getting help of cosmetic surgeries to get pouted lips with fillers. I personally do not suggest anyone to inject anything in your body just to look temporarily beautiful. Beauty lies in a healthy body. Trust me, you will look vibrant if you are taking good care of yourself.

Here are some tips for lip-care which all of you can adapt in your daily lifestyle.

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 Natural cleansing:

Daily cleansing is very important because lips gets layers with dead cells & dead skin very easily. You can clean your lips with your soft toothbrush. You can also massage softly with a mild scrub. I usually rub my lips with a soft cotton ball dipped in hot water & it softens the dead skin that can be easily removed.

Proper moisturizer:

Good moisturizing gives extra life to your skin. Again, my lip balm has always been Vaseline petroleum jelly. You can use any good quality non-fragrance lip balm for everyday use.

Avoid lip licking:

Lip licking can cause lip dermatitis & other lip swelling problems. It can also make your lips chipped & discolored. Lip biting may lead to the unnatural shape of lips.

Adequate Water Intake:

Lips are the first body to get affected once your body lacks water intake. Lips start to get cracked & dry when there is not enough water bank in your body. Keep drinking good water for healthy working body.

Avoid Smoking:

Smoking is injurious to health in many other ways including your lips texture & coloration. Smokers often suffer with mouth sores & dry lips too.

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