Surrounded by United Arab Emirates in the Northwest and Saudi Arabia in the West, Oman is an Arab country on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. This country has enthralling scenic beauty along with a fascinating history attached to it. The first time you pack your bags for your Oman tour, you might be confused for which flight to travel on, where to stay, and which places to look out for when you are in Oman. So here I am to assist you to make a to – do list. I’ll leave the best hotels in Oman for the next article, in this one I’ll help you decide over which flight to choose and the places to visit.

One of the best airlines when you’re talking about Oman is the Saudi Airlines. Saudi Airlines is the third largest in the Middle East, only behind Emirates and Qatar Airways. It is a Jeddah based airline with its main operational base at Jeddah – King Abdulziz International Airport. Not to forget that selected aircraft of Saudi Airlines are equipped with Wi – Fi and mobile network portability on board. Some of the Saudi Airline aircrafts offer onboard specialized prayer areas.

Now when you reach Oman, it’ll be so simple if you already have a list of the best places in Oman that is worth checking out. So, check out what not to miss in Oman. Also, Check out best luxury hotels in Dubai.


Oman Tourist PlacesThe capital city of Muscat is home to many sights worth seeing on your tour. The most fascinating fact about the city is that it has something for everyone. From forts and palaces to museums and markets, you can find everything out here. Start your day with the spine – tingling Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, adoring the immense crystal chandelier and the marble wall panels. It also abodes Qasr Al Alam Royal Palace and the twin forts of Al Jalali and Al Mirani.

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Oman Tourist PlacesSituated on the Southern part of Oman is Salalah, which houses the ancestral home to Sultan Qaboos , the prevailing sultan in Oman. On your visit to this city, you should have a look at outlandish Qaboos Palace; enjoy the architecture of Old Town, known as Haffa. Visit the Al Baleed Archaeological Site and step back in time.



Oman Tourist PlacesThe Northern Oman is adobe to the city of Bahla. It is home to the historic fort of Bahla which date backs to 13 th century. Bahla is known for its superb selection of local pottery.



Oman Tourist PlacesOman Tourist PlacesIf you want to have a look at the traditional Oman, they Misfat Al Abryeen top your destination look. It is pleasing to see the mountain life on Oman. Misfat Al Abryeen is a mountain village which has building made up of stone of orange and brown. The ancient watchtower above the village simply shines with glory.



Oman Tourist PlacesAre you in for an adventurous ride? Wahiba Sands, the desert city of Oman has quite some thrilling things to offer. Experience the toughest desert situations and the changing color and temperature of sands. The color fluctuates from red to dark honey.



Oman Tourist PlacesNizwa is a two hour drive from the capital city of Muscat. Visit the villages of Jebel Akhdar and enjoy its perfect climate. The Nizwa fort built in the 17 th century is a sight to adore. Other places to visit – Jebel Shams, Jabrin, et.



Oman Tourist PlacesOne of the most loved tourist spots in Oman is that of Ras Al – Hadd. The beach of Ras Al – Hadd are known to be the breeding ground for green sea turtles. Enjoy the first raising sun of the morning alone or with your better half in the beach. For more beaches Visit Singapore with me.


Oman Tourist PlacesHoused in Al – Batina, Nikhal Fort derives its name from the Wilayah of Nakhal. It houses a museum for its collection of historic guns. It is also the home to one of the most alluring castles – the Nikhal Fort.

9) SUR


Oman Tourist PlacesLocated in Eastern Oman, Sur is a sea coastal town with traditional dwellings. If you wish to go for day trips then Wadi Tiwi and Wadi Shab is the perfect destination. The turtle beach at Ras Al – Jinz is also a sight worth seeing. If you love nature & lush green hills Visit Matlock Bath Uk With Ritz.



Oman Tourist PlacesThe Ras Musandam Peninsula separates this piece of beauty from the rest of Oman. It is known for its heart – stopping fjords of desert. Frequently known to be the “Norway of Arabia”,Musandam has four provinces namely – Khasab,Bukha, Dibba Al – Baya and Madha.