Honeymoon has now become a tradition among young couples to spend their best moments with their loved one. How many of you do actually know the history behind this worldwide culture?

Let me introduce you all with the unknown facts of Honeymoon. Honeymoon was a Britishers tradition begun in 19th century when royal couples used to go on a post-wedding holiday to find seclusion from relatives and busy work schedule during their honeymoon. This holiday was initiated for the couples to get an emotional and physical intimacy.

Well! We are Indians and we are luckiest to born in such a country where there are 6 seasons, thousands of cultures, delicious cuisines and a lot more that even one life is not enough to explore this incredible country. Then, there is no second thought of your honeymoon destination apart from exploring India where you can see desert, snow, Beaches, backwaters, lakes, waterfalls, mountains, heritage and a non-ending list for couples to experience. My Big bang trip to Himachal will give a better idea.

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I am so sure that every Indian will agree with the above description about travel experiences you can have in India. I have made choices easier for newlyweds by filtering the best locations for Honeymoon in India and trust me, it will not just save your money but also your time by visiting in your country where no log hours flights and visa is required since it’s your own country, bro!

List of Honeymoon destination in India exclusively for Indian couples are below:


Bhadarwah, Jammu and Kashmir:

This small heaven on earth is something enchanting and romantic every couple gonna cherish all their life. Bhadarwah is a small town in Doda district of Jammu and kashmir. Bhadarwah is 200 km drive from Jammu. It is an eye soothing valley in the Himalayas. In Bhadarwah, the tourists are open to enjoy amazing adventures and site seeing of heritage monuments. The romantic scenery will make you fall in love little more with your partner.
For more information visit the website of Bhadarwah- www.bhaderwah.com

Naukuchitatal is a quite small village near Nainital where you will find a peaceful environment to spend good days amidst the beauty of nature. Naukuchital is 26 km from Uttrakhand Hill Station Nainital. It is known for it’s Naukuchia lake of nine corners. There are plenty of option for adventure sports like paragliding and wild life watching. Travel guide to Naukuchital. What else do you need to spend some soft moments with your newlywed.


Coorg, Karnataka:

Coorg is the majestic beauty of absolute nature located 253 kms from Bangalore. Coorg has it’s own etymology to develop natural resources for coffee and wine. The flourishing weather will keep your brain and soul soothing throughout your stay. I am already mesmerized with the density of greenery in the mini Scotland of India as fans named it. Who will be going Scotland if we have this epitome of nature near us with lesser budget and of-course incomparably lesser hustle. Monastery, temples and local cuisine will keep you busy exploring Coorg. You can drive by your own or hire a taxi to reach your destination in Coorg, Karnataka. Also, trip to Munnar is one life-soothing experience. Coorg will add a a spice of soul connection between you two for sure.


Flames of Forest, Dewas:

Most of the tourists are not aware of this nano beauty hidden in a small village near Indore of Madhya Pradesh. Flames of Forest is 77 kms from Indore. Flames of Forest is an isolated resorts constructed in the middle of the forest. There you will be sitting amidst the sound of nature and nothing else till where your sight can reach. For spending time you can indulge in natural adventurous activities like jungle Safari’s, River crossing, hiking and many more. I suggested this resort because it’s a secluded place to get away from worldly things and be with each other.
For more information you can reach to the website- www.flameoftheforest.org

Flames of forest, Indore, Honeymoon Destinations for Indian couples in india

Visit tourist places near Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

Flames of forest, Indore, Honeymoon Destinations for Indian couples in india

Goa, Konkan Coastal Line 

Goa, a small territory of Indian geography located in the Konkan coastal line. Goa is know for it’s rich atmosphere with fun and parties. Goa is the most loved tourist place throughout the world. Goa has a lot to invest your time in exploring the beaches, greenery and fun lifestyle . Though Goa is a tourist location you can visit any time the year but winters are the best months during new year to plan a trip in Goa. There are numerous secluded beaches to sit away from the touristy eyes and spend some lazy hours.  You can enjoy some natural composed cashew wines and local sea food in Goa. Visit my 7 day Goa trip. You must pin Goa as your honeymoon destination if you both are party junkies and fun lovers.

Arvelam waterfall is something very peaceful and unexplored place in Goa to visit.



Cherrapunji, Meghalya:

Cherrapunji is a subdivisional town in east Khasi’s of Meghalya. As we all know this is the place with heaviest rain in the world. The weather is pleasant throughout 12 months. Cherapunji is the westest place of the planet. The specialty of Cherapunji apart from it’s enormous beauty is it’s culture, where women are blessed with more power than men. According to Khasi’s tradition the husband of the youngest daughter in the family lives with his wife’s parents and own the property rights whereas rest of the sibling are given little shares of the same.
Cherrapunji is also known for its large bridges created with roots of trees in time span of 15 years. The oldest bridge of these is 50 years old since they are very strong. You can spend a week or even a month in this heaven of earth with natural waterfalls, lush green scene and fresh air. Cherrapunji will bring a forever bond in this auspicious place to the new couples.

Prini, Manali:

Prini in Manali is a small village with soft breeze, beautiful mountains and sound of nature. I suggest Prini since it’s not much commercialized and you can find some really amazing places to stay. If you are person who like more of crowd in a tourist place then you can surely move to Manali which is ideally commercialized tourist place with mall road and scenic beauty. The beautiful Jogini waterfall is an hour of trek from Prini and it’s totally worth to visit it. Prini is a quite and non-commercialized place to enjoy the panoramic view of nature. You can definitely call Prini as most romantic destination for couples seeking isolation.

Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir:

Snow, Snow and more snow. Well, if you are planning to throw some good shots of snow balls on each other then Gulmarg is your destination. Though it’s a worldwide renown travel destination, there is no comparison of the beauty of this place in the entire world. You can add a lot of snow adventure to your trip for some playful moments. For me it’s the peace in the surrounding that you feel while sitting quite gazing the snow covered mountains with complete white layers.  Kashmir has been said the Paradise on earth by the former Mughal emperor Jahangir.



Kerala is an Indian state of culture and traditions, coupled with its varied demographics, have made the state one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Kerala has been booned by lord Parshurama to keep it fertile and naturally rich. Kerala is one of the unique places in the world that you can’t locate anywhere easily.

The music, the food and the beauty will fill your soul with solitude. Kerala’s beaches, backwaters, lakes, mountain ranges, waterfalls, ancient ports, palaces, religious institutions and a soul trenching environment is the best destination to begin journey with your partner. You can board a train or direct flight to reach Kochi airport. Kochi is the most visited town by tourists in Kerala.  Begin your married life with the stories and land of God. Honeymoon in Kerala is in trend now a days.



In nutshell i will say, you must explore your own country before you move out to abroad for your honeymoon where you won’t find anything unique that is not in India. Go beyond your limits when you are ready for them. My travel list has all the places in India India and India.  Trust me, there is no country as beautiful as India. Indian tourism is incomparable to any single country in the world.


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